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The Installation and the Verdict


OK so after a little bit of coaxing – I got the Windows 10 download to initiate. The download is about 2.7 GB so allow time for the download and check your bandwidth to make sure you’re not going to run over your limit. Immediately after the download an installation preparation wizard ran. Then the full installation begins. Anyone with an up to date version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 has the benefit of this software being a free upgrade. The full installation took a bit over an hour, copying files, setting up software and drivers and configuring the operating system.

The new Microsoft Windows 10 arrives looking like a spec’d up version of windows 7. The start menu’s back, with the addition of your favourite apps. Your software is there, still exactly where it was prior to the upgrade. And all your settings have been saved for use in the new OS. There’s a new browser to take over Internet Explorer – Microsoft Edge, A new media player and new software for all your digital memories. There’s an app store as well, still to check that out.

All in all I have to say I’m quietly impressed by Microsoft’s new release – I hope it’ll be the operating system in the Microsoft cycle that doesn’t fail to live up to expectations.