PC not Booting? Network Issues? Slow Internet?

Mobile IT Help

Whether you are a small business or residential client, no job is too big or too small. I can attend to your IT issues with a quick turnaround to avoid any disruption to your business

Mobile Computer Repair & Professional IT Help

Prompt, personal & professional service, and support to all clients, be they big or small.

I run PC Assistance, an Upper Hutt based company that provides mobile computer repair and professional IT support in Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, and the rest of the Greater Wellington region.

IT Emergency? I will get back to you ASAP

Services Provided by PC Assistance

Mobile IT and Repair services Wellington



Repair and Maintenance

Computer not responding, error messages flooding the gates? Computer powers up but just will not go, or does not power up at all? I have the tools available to undertake onsite analysis and repair in the safety of your own premises. Alternatively, I can take your computer away to complete the necessary service.


Computer Servicing

System unnecessarily cluttered? Old annoyances getting to you? I can tidy up the clutter, remove what is not necessary, speed up your load times, and increase the speed of your system.


Internet and Email Help

Having troubles with your email or internet connection? Tired of waiting on the phone for help? I am happy to take care of these issues – time spent in the industry enables me to tackle them as fast and as accurately as possible.


Virus and Spyware Removal

One of the first pieces of software that should go onto a machine is an Internet Security package, though even with this, computers can inadvertently become infected. Let me help. I can back up your data, remove the infection and rebuild your system to its fully operational state in the minimum amount of time. I can also provide powerful Internet Security solutions to keep you safe.


Custom Built Machines

If you are looking at buying a new PC, but unsure where to start, give me a call. I will consider every aspect of your requirements with respect to performance, specifications, and budget. Equipped with this knowledge I will endeavour to build the perfect PC for you. I have an excellent track record of supplying computers to meet the requirements of my customers.


Wireless Setup

Wireless setup can be tricky, sometimes there are just a couple of tweaks that need to be made to fire things up. I can get your wireless devices online and your wireless connection secure, keeping your network protected and your devices connected.



When you book an off-site job with me, please be aware that this business is run from a private property. Please adhere to the appointment time. Drop-in is not an option. 

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