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Solid State Drives


For a long time the standard HDD or Hard Disk Drive has been the main form of storage for Desktop, Laptop and Notebooks. It is cost effective, both in terms of price and size of storage space. Recently there has been a change in the trend with the arrival of the SSD or Solid State Drive. Solid State Drives work similarly to Flash Drives. There are no spinning parts and the data is stored as Flash Memory. The benefits of SSD are great. SSDs are more durable, substantially faster, consume less power, are lighter, are more cost efficient, are cooler, and are quieter. The downside is the cost involved and the limited size of data storage available. Solid State Drives aren’t for everyone – But if you’re thinking about buying a new PC or Laptop – Or upgrading your current system – It’s well worth while to consider the option of installing a Solid State Drive. If you’d like more information regarding the use of Solid State Drives and whether it’s the right option for you – Just give me a call.