Custom-Built Machines

Do you need a new PC? Is it time for an upgrade?

Custom Built MachinesPerhaps you should think about getting a custom built machine.

Be it a workstation, a home PC, or an all-out gaming machine – going with a custom built PC has immense benefits.

We can define your Processor, RAM, Hard Drive, and Graphics, all with the aim of delivering the perfect computing experience to you. We can do this within your budget and with quick turnaround.

This is all dependent on what you need your PC for, and how you will be interacting with it.

A faster processor to decrease load times, and quicker application processing.

More RAM to aid in multitasking. A larger Hard Drive to cater to your data requirements.

A Solid State Drive – The latest data storage technology for incomparable Hard Drive speeds.

Graphics cards for the best gaming experience. Let’s not forget your budget.

I can build you the ideal machine, powerful and future proof. Though I won’t sell you anything you don’t need.

For the best in PC technology, get in touch, we will see what we can do