Hard Drives Die

What is the Hard Drive? That’s an easy one. The Hard Drive is the part of a device (be it PC, Mac, Android, IPhone, Tablet, IPad) where all of your important data is stored. Today data is [...]

Protect Yourself Against Ransomware

Back up your files Back up files regularly – including documents, photos and videos. The best option is to back up to an external Hard Drive. This can be done on a daily basis keeping your [...]

Is Your Mac Secure

The age old adage that, ‘It’s a Mac, it doesn’t get viruses’ Is becoming more and more difficult to justify. Mac’s are built on a Linux code which means – Yes, they are less likely to get [...]

PC Warrant of Fitness

Every now and then your system needs a check-up. It’s very similar to your car needing its warrant of fitness. In time things deteriorate and to keep things running smoothly, it’s good to get [...]

Keep Ahead in the Cloud

The concept of cloud computing has been around for a while now. We’ve all heard of it, but not all of us know what it is. There is this notion residing in our minds of a place in the ether where [...]

The Importance of Backup

Everyone knows how important their data is. Whether it is business or personal, it’s a person’s worst nightmare to have their data permanently erased. From critical professional data to all of [...]

The Installation and the Verdict

OK so after a little bit of coaxing – I got the Windows 10 download to initiate. The download is about 2.7 GB so allow time for the download and check your bandwidth to make sure you’re not going [...]

Solid State Drives

For a long time the standard HDD or Hard Disk Drive has been the main form of storage for Desktop, Laptop and Notebooks. It is cost effective, both in terms of price and size of storage space. [...]

Windows 10 – An update

Windows 7 and windows 8.1 users are now beginning to see a ‘Get Windows 10’ icon in there system tray. This can be used to reserve a copy of Windows 10 for when it is released on the 29th July [...]

Windows 10

The latest Microsoft Operating System is not far away with its release tipped for late July 2015 if the rumours are to be believed.  Windows 10 is expected to bring about some changes. The [...]